Santa rips off beard, tells kids to "get the f*ck out" after shit went down at Xmas event

funny shit 13/12/2018

Sounds like that got Bryce to play Santa Claus....

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From Newshub:

A Santa hired for an event in the UK has left dozens of children traumatised after a bizarre outburst in the middle of an event.

The Santa quickly lost his cool when the Corn Exchange grotto, Cambridgeshire fire alarm was tripped, ripping off his beard and screaming at kids to "get the f**k out", the reports.

Around 50 children witnessed the event, which saw the Santa ripping off his costume and swearing repeatedly.

Parents said they had to try and explain to their children why this Santa had been revealed to be a foul-mouthed impostor.

"My friend's little boy was upset as his dad was carrying him when Santa told them 'to get the f**k out'," one parent told the

"We told our children he wasn't the real Santa. He was an impostor and will be going on the naughty list."

The smoke alarm is believed to have been activated by a smoke machine being used at a separate event, a family-friendly rave.

Organisers of the event apologised on Facebook for any trauma children sustained during the evacuation.

The organisers were clear the source of the alarm was downstairs at an unaffiliated event.

"Santa was upstairs in his grotto, an event organised by Festival Events St Ives (FESt, a voluntary organisation), and immediately assisted in the evacuation of the building.

"FESt wish to apologise for any offence or distress caused to parents and children by their attempts to ensure all visitors and staff had exited the building and were safe."