WATCH: Aussie bloke gets kicked by a kangaroo, doesn't spill his beer

funny shit 09/12/2018

You bloody beauty. This story couldn't get any more Australian if it tried.

From Newshub:

Video of an Australian man being kicked over by a kangaroo has gone viral after it was revealed he managed to avoid spilling his beer.

Daniel Tuohey stepped in to save his dogs from being attacked by the aggressive roo when it turned its attention to him.

"There is a fair chance that the dogs were going to get drowned, because a kangaroo will grab dogs in the dam, pull them in and drown them, that is what I was worried about, that was my main concern," he told 9 News.

The video shows Mr Tuohey advancing on the roo and managing to punch it in the face before it balances on its tail and kicks him square in the chest.

Mr Tuohey falls to the ground, but quickly stood up with his beer in hand. His daughter laughed and screamed at the incident from behind the camera.

He suffered a deep gash in the incident, but told 9 News he's okay now and is even headed back to work.