WATCH: two blokes in a donkey costume absolutely cane themselves during a charity running race

funny shit 03/12/2018

Hands-down the funniest shit we've seen in a long time.

Two blokes dressed in a donkey costume might be seeing stars and crushing a few panadols today after they smashed (at pace) into the raceway barridcade at a charity event held in the UK.

The St. Teresa's Charity Pantomime Horse Race charity event, held at Catterick Bridge Racecourse in North Yorkshire, saw pairs of people dressed in animal costumes racing others down the home straight of the racecourse.

And while they did not win, these two blokes in the donkey costume stole the show when they veered off course and absolutely caned themselves into the fence.


And if watching a bunch of turkeys dressed in animal costumes racing around a racetrack sounds're right. Rog, Bryce and Mulls did it last year - watch below.