Last minute Christmas gifts that take absolutely no effort whatsoever

funny shit 21/12/2018

Us blokes are notoriously bad for leaving things to the last minute, especially things that require shopping. Thank god we're here to save your sweetcheeks with some last minute gift ideas that will require basically no effort from you whatsoever. You're welcome.

A left over crate from Crate Day
If you hosted a Crate Day this year you're bound to have found a few unopened bottles of various beers around the place from your mates who couldn't quite hack it. Put all these in your empty crate, and fill the remaining empty bottles up with whatever liquids you can find, and viola, the best Christmas pressie ever. Noone could be mad at that.

Some sick sunnies from the servo
You need to stop off for gas anyway on the way to the family Xmas, so why not grab one of those bloody brilliant gas station sunglasses for your lucky family member you haven't sorted out yet. You can wrap them up in the daily newspaper, perfect. 

That shit candle you got in Secret Santa three years ago
We know you still have that hanging around the house buried away somewhere. Well, dig it out mate. Dust it off and tie a ribbon around it, because that's the perfect gift that someone in your family is going to be absolutely stoked with, especially if it's your mother-in-law.

A gift basket of things you don't use
Make it look like you put in a tonne of effort, when really you were just clearing out your junk. Take a look through your pantry/fridge/wardrobe/storage and chuck anything you haven't opened or used in a gift bag. Someone's getting a great selection of chutneys and socks this year.

A pigeon
Everyone loves a pet right? And all those poor homeless pigeons on the street need a loving home, so why not treat one of your loved ones to their own pet bird this Christmas. This one may take a little effort to catch first, but no doubt the receiver will be super grateful. 

Happy gifting lads, and don't listen to any ungrateful gift-receiver - you did your best.