A world first? 'Cool and half-functional vanute' up for sale

funny shit 30/01/2019

New Zealand's only and possibly the world's first ever 'vanute' has gone up for sale in Blenheim. 

Owner Jeff Stanton bought the 'vanute', which was originally a Toyota Hiace van, off a Dunedin panel beater. 

Mr Stanton, who owns a mechanical business in Blenheim, thought the unusual vehicle would make the perfect 'funny promo vehicle' for his business that has a red logo. 

But the vehicle ended up being less than practical for a mechanic. With no power steering, Mr Stanton is now having to let it go.

"But it is cool and half-functional," Mr Stanton told Newshub.

So, he posted a picture of the vehicle online and it has gone viral. 

"It's gone nuts. It was a van and now its a ute, that's kind of why it's called a vanute," Mr Stanton says.

He said he has searched everywhere online and it seems to be the only vehicle of its kind.

"All the Googling I could do, I can't find it. I've searched everywhere - no one's ever chopped down a Hiace van," he explained.

"It's one of a kind, could be the only one in the world - definitely the only one in New Zealand."

The car is still for sale, so if you want to get your hands on a one of a kind vehicle, then you know who to call.