Absolute mad man gets caught tonguing doorbell......for 3 hours

funny shit 10/01/2019

California police are looking for a man caught tonguing a doorbell - for three. fucking. hours.

His love making session was caught on security camera, which helped the authorities identify the creepo as Roberto Daniel Arroyo, who is now apparently facing misdemeanor charges.

"We were pleasantly surprised the image was so clear it didn't take us long to identify the individual," Salinas Police Department spokesperson Miguel Cabrera said. 

The footage also showed our mate apparently pissing in the front yard before heading off-camera towards a neighbouring house. As you would. 

The owners of the house, Sylvia Dungan and her husband, were not inside at the time of the licking. Dungan was alerted by the security system which is set to contact the homeowners in the event of motion at the location.

Apparently one neighbour of the Dungans told police he had heard a knock on his door early that same morning. No word on if his doorbell also received the same treatment.

Watch the video HERE, Still waiting on the 3 hour version.