Bloke goes on hilarious Twitter rant blasting indoor stationary bikes

funny shit 31/01/2019

Cyclists cop a lot of grief for getting in the way of motorists our roads, so you'd think people would be happy if they kept their pedal-pushing hobby indoors, right?

Well for one bloke, the sight of stationary bikes has resulted in a hilarious twitter rant, blasting the exercise equipment and seemingly wealthy folk (these things sell from US$2200 to $10000) who buy them.

Specifically, twitter user @ClueHeywood took aim at US company Peloton who sell a in-home bike complete with LCD screen and over 5000 on-demand classes...there must be a lot of different ways to say "pedal".

But clearly, Clue wasn't impressed with any of the tech on this in-home fitness machine, or any of Peloton's marketing photos.

Have a read of what he had to say bellow: