Some Christchurch lads have drawn massive cock and balls using Lime scooters

funny shit 09/01/2019

A bunch of Christchurch lads have found a new use for Lime Scooters – ripping eco-friendly burnouts and drawing cock and balls on new pavings.

Lime scooters are allegedly being deliberately used to lay down skids in public areas such as Mahy Playground, Avon River and Victoria Square, Stuff report.

As it turns out, YouTube is littered with videos of people doing burnouts on Limes in other cities, leaving identical marks on the ground to those seen in Chrischurch.

It’s so easy, even Bryce could rip a doughy without injuring himself… probably.

Lime are playing dumb and refusing to comment on the matter until they see evidence the doughy marks were caused by one of their riders - really, guys?