A goddamn Pak'nSave plastic bag sold for more than a pack of ciggies on Trade Me

New Zealand 09/01/2019

A plumber from Nelson has sold a single-use Pak'nSave plastic bag on Trade Me for $52, almost double the price of a pack of ciggies.

The auction closed on Tuesday night and received 47 bids.

Seller Nairn Wilson, 18, told Stuff he was "definitely surprised and pretty excited" by the response his auction got - and that he'd rushed out to buy a gold frame from K-Mart for the bag, along with bubble wrap to post it in.

Trade Me's Millie Silvester told Newshub the sale was "topical and they're having a bit of fun with something that all of New Zealand is talking about".

It's not the first time plastic bags have been listed. Last year someone sold 200 single-use bags ahead of the ban, calling it a "Bag-ageddon - Emergency Survival Kit".