Package labelled 'NOT DOPE' somehow fails to fool police

funny shit 07/01/2019

US police have made an unsurprising discovery of meth inside a box labelled "not dope".

Staff from the police department in Ironton, Ohio discovered the innocuous looking box inside the town library.

A spokesperson on Facebook joked that the large uppercase writing proclaiming the box did not contain drugs would throw off any witness.

"On first appearance one would obviously think this was anything other than a container of illegal drugs.

"The unknown owner (as of now at least) had the brilliant idea to write 'Not Dope' on the cover of the container, as if this would throw off law enforcement in the event their stash was discovered."

But once the box was open officers discovered it did in fact contain drugs, specifically methamphetamine and a loaded syringe.

The spokesperson said on the face of it the incident may seem funny, but there could have been more serious consequences.

"Can you imagine what could have happened had a child discovered this innocuous looking box?"