WATCH: Aussie bloke blasts "d**khead" cyclists for not using their damn cycle lane

video 29/01/2019

One Aussie bloke has had enough of cyclists not using their damn cycle lanes.

The man filmed himself speeding down the cycle lane, as two cyclists ride side by side in the road. As he passes them, the man hurls abuse towards the two men.

"What's the point of us spending this money if you're not gonna use it, you f**king d**kheads?" he shouts.

Footage of the altercation posted to Facebook has garnered a range of responses, but it appears most are in agreement with the driver.

"I'm a cyclist and I think his reaction is fair. Sick of ignorant riders that make us all look bad," said one commenter.

"Somebody buy this guy a beer. What a legend," writes another.

However, it's not all good news for the angry driver, as other commenters point out he is breaking the law, as well as calling him a coward for not pulling over like the cyclist asked him to.

One user, who said he has been riding bikes for 20 years, had some choice words for the driver.

"This guy yelling out the window is an absolute sausage," he wrote.

"That is very dangerous, not keeping your eye on the road. How dare you speak about us cyclists in such manner (sic), you people don't own the f**king road!"