WATCH: Aussie bogans reclaim record for world’s largest simultaneous burnout

Vids 07/01/2019

We’re not usually one to blow smoke up our neighbours’ pipes, but on this occasion, it’s well warranted.

A bunch of Aussie petrol-heads have reclaimed the world record for the biggest simultaneous burnout, with 126 cars smoking it up during the annual Summernats meet in Canbera last weekend.

Summernats set the original record for ‘Largest Simultaneous Burnout’ back in 2013 with 69 cars, but the feat was overtaken in 2017 when 119 Saudi Arabians took the prize from the Aussies.

So in the first weekend of 2019, Summernats organisers made sure the record returned.

‘They did it for Australia and brought the record home to its rightful place,’ Summernats said in a statement.

After the smoke cloud cleared, the new record was verified on the spot by Guiness World Records officials.