WATCH: Aussie woman flashes her boob in the weirdest road rage incident you'll see

funny shit 17/01/2019

'Calm your tits' has never been so appropriate

Road rage rose to a new level of strange in Sydney, when one pissed off woman flashed her breast at another driver in some kind of strange threat.

The driver who was flashed posted a video of the incident on social media showing thewoman approaching the driver and knocking on her window.

She then proceeds to yell indistinctly, and pulls down her top to expose her breast which she presses to the window. 

The woman filming repeatedly yells "are you serious?" and calls the woman a "junkie".

After putting her breast back into her shirt, the woman walks to the front of the car and kicks the bonnet of it.

She then retreats to her Toyota parked in front of the car.

The video, titled "Nothing but class on Henry Lawson Drive" has gained thousands of views, and hundreds of comments.