How much would you pay for this Thunderbird 2 car? *cough* Toyota Previa

funny shit 03/04/2019

A former people-mover heavily modified to resemble Thunderbird 2 from the 1960s television show could be yours, but with the asking price you'd have to be dead-set keen.

It may be no secret island in the South Pacific, but in a UK driveway can be found a Toyota Previa turned spaceship inspired by the Thunderbirds transport aircraft.

"It turns more heads than any other car I have ever seen in my life," said owner Mark Harrison.

It was built in just five weeks by a Thunderbirds-obsessed handyman who sold it to Harrison.

"When I saw it for sale, I had to have it. My wife didn't understand it at all," said Harrison.

But he is now trying to find it a new home - with a few new additions.

"When it arrived, it had no way of getting to the wheels on it so we put flaps on so you can actually open up the side pieces."

It is fully registered to drive on the road and comes with a green interior.

"It is not easy to drive, it is driving a car with a very small windshield and you need to concentrate.

"We got these seats covered in green leather with the number two written on top there," he said.

It even has a bed with a Thunderbirds duvet cover and a television screen - perfect for watching the iconic series.

Harrison wants roughly NZ$70,000 for it, and he reckons his phone has been ringing hot.

"It will definitely sell."