KFC's Colonel Sanders is now a Instagram hipster and we're bloody confused

funny shit 16/04/2019

KFC has given its mascot a bloody confusing makeover.

Colonel Sanders is apparently an Instagram influencer now, losing about 40 years and as many pounds, in the fried chicken joint's latest campaign.

"Self-care is really important. It's a cliche, but it's true that when you look good, you feel good," read one KFC post.

"Take some space for self-care, so you look good, then you feel good, then you are more good with yourself, then you can go get your dreams. Like starting an international series of chicken restaurants."

Who is this guy!?

In other posts the Colonel is seeing laying down some beats with rock band Portugal the Man, posing after a workout and enjoying the serenity of the California desert.

"I encourage all of my fried chicken fam to take some time to really do this, 'cause getting spiritually in touch with your true self in a beautiful place is a big part of my #secretrecipeforsuccess," one post said, referring to the company's famous secret herbs and spices.

The new-look Colonel even has a tattoo on his torso.

In KFC's latest post, many KFC fans are seriously confused by the new Colonel.

"Not my Colonel," wrote one Instagram user.

"Why he look like a GTA 5 character?," said another.

Two users vented their frustration with the changes by saying: "This is getting annoying stop" and "Until you bring back my old man I'll gladly take my business elsewhere."

The New Zealand KFC Instagram page has kept the old-school Colonel on board, its latest post saying the Colonel is ready for the 'Game of Bones', ahead of the final season of hit show Game of Thrones.