Maccas are now serving a Chicken Big Brekkie Burger for the breakfast of champs

News 06/04/2019

Had a rough night? We're here with the good news.

No, we won't get you out of the dog box with the missus, but we WILL offer up Maccas' brand new breakfast edition: the Chicken Big Brekkie Burger.

After the launch of the Beef Big Brekkie Burger last year, there was apparently an outcry for a chicken version, and now it's here. Featuring a chicken patty with an egg, hashbrown, cheese, bacon and topped off with BBQ sauce. Yeah, sounds alright aye. 

"The Beef Big Brekkie Burger, which can only be found at Macca's in New Zealand and Australia, proved an instant hit and the Chicken McMuffin has developed a strong following. We're sure the Chicken Big Brekkie Burger will be just as much of a crowd favourite," said McD's NZ marketing director Jo Mitchel. 

She notes that that this burger will be available in NZ for "a limited time" - but fingers crossed.

Get amongst lads.