Mi Goreng noodle toasties are the new pinnacle of stoner cuisine

funny shit 30/04/2019

A Sydney cafe has set a new benchmark for stoner cuisine. Behold the Mi Goreng noodle toasie.

The Dutch Smuggler has caused an online sensation with its Mi Goreng-filled toasted cheese sandwich, retailing for AU$9.50. It began as a limited-edition special in 2017, but demand for the noodle toastie has seen it become a permanent menu fixture, catering for those on the cheese or having a big night.

In a list of Sydney's 'best sandwiches this year', food critic Andrew Levins called it "an absolute banger" and "the epitome of stoner cuisine".

"Carbs filled with carbs are always a winner, and while this busy CBD cafe's selection of other toasties is definitely worth checking out, none hold a candle to the delicious novelty of the Mi Goreng toastie," he raved.

"A bed of expertly seasoned instant noodles mixes with spicy mayo, the busted yolk from a fried egg and melted cheddar cheese."

The cafe also serves toasties like the Mac Dizzle, a mac and cheese filled sandwich, and the Ramen Empire - a mix of spicy Korean ramen noodles, kimchi, seaweed, a fried egg and cheese.

Who else is getting hungry?