Two blokes got so steamed they put on bulletproof vests and started shooting each other

funny shit 08/04/2019

(We hope) There's no way your weekend was as lose as this...

Two US blokes got on the bezzies so hard last weekened they ended up shooting each other, point blank, while wearing a bulletproof vest - but that's not where the trouble ended.

According to a Police report, Charles Ferris, 50, and Christopher Hicks, 36, were deep into a Saturday drinking session when they both, willingly, put on the vest and started shooting. 

It appears Ferris told ol' mate Hicks to shoot him in the chest. Hicks obliged. Ferris later told police that being shoot hurts and the pain "pissed" him off, so he got Hicks to put on the vest and he'd have a go with the gun... which Hicks did. Ferris then "unloaded the clip into Christopher's back."

Here are the two blokes in question, Ferris left and Hicks right.

Incredibly, neither of these two lads were seriously injured, but as Ferris pointed out, getting shot hurts so his wife - the only sober one in this story - managed to get both to hospital and checked out.

Police were called to the hospital at the same time to investigate a man who had been shot multiple times. Ferris told police that he'd been shot six times, once in the chest and five times in the back, while protecting a man he called his "asset." But Ferris' wife set the record straight - they were both on the deck drinking. 

When Ferris was released from the hospital he was arrested, and Hicks was arrested at home - both face aggravated assault charges.

Police seized the rifle and vest, but prosecutors have not filed a formal charge against Ferris or Hicks yet - probably because they're just as weirded out by this story as the rest of us.

Please, DO NOT try this at home.