Kiwis mercilessly roast van for sale online with ridiculous body kit and modifications

funny shit 04/04/2019

HOLY HECKA, what is that?

A 1996 Toyota Hiace for sale on Facebook has been mercilessly roasted online for its ridiculous design. The van is a recent import to New Zealand from Japan and comes with a $11,669 pricetag.

Inside, the van's kitted out with a white and gold upholstery, along with a bed, TV, large light fixture and even a small kitchen area.

The van's back window has a large anime-style painting of a woman with the word "Mami".

Comments haven't been kind online, with some begging for the van to be wrecked rather than ending up on the streets in New Zealand.

"Please crush this," one person wrote.

Is the anti theft system the way it looks because omfg.

"Take the wheels off and set it on fire," another said.

One simly wrote: "WTF is this monstrosity??"

Each to their own, i guess. Check out more photos of this 'van' bellow: