WATCH: The most 'Kiwi As Bro' reaction to a 'monster' waterspout ripping your roof off

funny shit 04/04/2019

A Kiwi bloke living in Malaysia had the perfect reaction after his beach-front property was rocked by "a real monster" of a twister.

Nick Morgan and his wife had the shock of their lives on Monday after a huge waterspout tore the roof off of their home in Penang.

"I was around the corner having lunch, and a neighbour called me and basically said look you'd better come home 'cause your roof is gone," Morgan told Newshub.

"My first reaction was shock and disbelief... But there isn't much you can do really.

"So my second reaction was to call my mates round with some beers for a post-apocalyptic party."

What a legend!

He says waterspouts like this aren't uncommon in Penang, but this one was "a real monster".

"It lifted most of the roof, smashed all the tiles. We bore the brunt of it, 'cause we've got a beachfront property here," he said.

Morgan looked upstairs, but soon realised it wasn't a safe place to be. The damage is now being repaired, thanks to a "kick arse" crew.

"They've finished the roof off today. Cosmetic stuff will take a bit longer, but the main point is the rain isn't coming through the ceiling anymore."

No one was reported injured after the waterspout hit Penang. According to witnesses, the column of water and air spun for about five minutes before dissipating on land.