Australian rangers have found a bloody three-eyed snake

News 05/05/2019

Australian rangers have discovered a big f' off three-eyed snake living in the northern territories.

The snake was discovered on the Arnhem Highway near the town of Humpty Doo (no, that's not a joke. We want what these guys were having when they named their town), 30 minutes north of Darwin on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Parks and Wildlife told NT News  the snake was around 40cm long when it was found, and believed to be around three-weeks-old.

The rangers named it Monty Python before it passed away.

Facebook users were pretty stoked by Monty's different look and many joked about it with eye related puns.

"Was going to write a pun , but eye see it's already been done," one person said.

"I tried to come up with a few jokes but they just got cornea and cornea," another wrote. 

Classic gags all round. And there Aussie goes again with making us never f***ing want to visit.