Bloke buys a tarantula to make sure "nagging" mother-in-law never comes back

funny shit 14/05/2019

What a bloody good idea

One bloke who'd had a guts-fill of his "crazy," "nagging" and "Insuggerable" hatched the perfect plan to ensure they'd never come back.

The unnamed man revealed on Reddit he decided to purchase a tarantula to keep his arachnophobic mother-in-law away from his house.

He posted on Reddit: “Privacy means nothing to them, and my wife refuses to set boundaries.

“They will come around every day unannounced to visit my wife/play with our kids. I never get a break from my mother in [law’s] constant nagging.”

But one day, this bloke spotted an opportunity: “A few months ago [my mother-in-law] went crazy after a (wolf?) spider was simply in the corner. Panic attack and all.

So I got the idea to get a tarantula as a way to prevent her coming so often. It’s in a big enclosure in the living room.

The man said he ticked all the boxes with the wife before purchasing the spider, but kept his motivation secret.

Worked like a charm, the dad still comes but the mother can’t stand to be in the same house as it.

If you can't cope with the in-laws and like the idea of a bloody big spider in your living room - this could be the fix you're looking for.