This renegade pigeon broke the limit, triggered a speed camera & faces a $42 fine

funny shit 09/05/2019


A badass pigeon in Germany has been snapped by a speed camera after it was caught flying faster than the legal limit in a low-speed zone.

And now German cops have jokingly issued the bird with a fine.

According to the Bochlot City Police Department, the pigeon was flying at 45km/h on a street with a speed limit of 30km/h. After taking 3km/h off the tracked speed as a correction enforced under German law, the fast-flying pigeon was still going 12km/h too fast, earning the feathered flyer a €25 fine (NZ$42.50).

The brid triggered the speed camera back in February, but the picture has only recently been shared online by police, who are having just as much of a laugh as us with this unique offence. A city spokesman said:

Whether the speedy bird wants to pay the €25 fine, and above all how, remains an open question

"However, the city authorities do not want to launch a survey of possible witnesses."

But according to Britain's Pigeon Control Resource Centre (boy that sounds like a fun place to work), the pigeon was just cruising. Its website say pigeons can fly at speeds of up to 125km/h, and apparently the fastest recorded speed currently sits at 149km/h.

The pidgeon in question was too fast for us and could not be reached for comment.