WATCH: 92-year-old battler drives mobility scooter on 100km/h motorway & tells motorist to "F**k off"

funny shit 15/05/2019

When you've run out of f**ks to give..

The moment a 92-year-old battler took his mobility scooter onto a busy, 100km/h motorway has been perfectly captured on dashcam.

The old fella drove onto one of Melbourne's busiest motorways in front of Bruce Bromely, the good guy (we'll come back to this) who captured the video, and despite his warnings and concern for the old chap on the scooter - he was advised to "fuck off" when he told the guy to "move over, you're on the freeway."

See the full 6-minute video below.

Bryce - being the champion he is - then followed the old fella while ge got in touch with the police. After explaining what had happened, police told Bruce to not put himself in danger and he replied: 

Well, what do I do. See, if I go off around him he's going to get collected. I don't want him to get hit.

See what we mean? He's an absolute champion.

Speaking to 7 News, Bruce said: "I was just completely shocked. I just told him to try and pull over and he told me to fuck off.

"It was very aggressive, but at 92, the poor bugger was just confused and a bit overwhelmed. If I wasn't there, he would have got collected, and I couldn't sleep at night if something like that happened."

Police turned up on the scene not long after and confirmed the old bloke had been reported missing by family. He was taken back to the station and later returned home safe and sound.

All thanks to Bruce the champion. Be like Bruce New Zealand. What a top bloke.