WATCH: Bloke somehow managed to weld his head to a railing in epic workplace fail

funny shit 16/05/2019

And our welder of the week goes to...

This is the hilarious moment a bloke managed to get his head stuck in a railing. How? We don't know, maybe he was inspired by Bryce's building skills?

In the video he poked his head between two railings and began welding, unknowingly trapping him in place. We presume his workmate knew what was about to happen as he started recording at the perfect time to capture the whole thing unfold.

After realising what he'd done, there was no other option than to undo all his work with an electric saw. Luckily there was one nearby.

We can't verify when and where the 23-second clip was recorded, but we're sure the boys will never let him down for this one.