Women strained herself so bad on the bog that she lost 10 years of memories

funny shit 28/05/2019

That must have been quite the load...

A woman in Hong Kong temporarily lost 10 years worth of memories after overstraining herself while doing a poo, according to a news report out of China.

In the China Press report, quoted by Asia One, the woman's son said she had been experiencing constipation for more than two weeks and was "very uncomfortable".

After emerging from the toilet, concerned family members realised she had amnesia; forgetting everything that had happened over the past 10 years.

The woman was taken to the hospital, where doctors found her brain function to be normal.

She reportedly regained regular brain function after eight hours; with no recollection of the 'lost' time and drama she had caused. 

While it sounds completely beyond belief, a neurologist interviewed by media in Hong Kong says it's actually possible.

Dr Peng Jiaxiong explained that the bizarre condition is known in the medical world as transient global amnesia; often caused when blood flow and oxygen to the brain is compromised by the jugular vein valve.

Dr Jiaxiong added that people who are highly emotional or frequently carry heavy objects have a higher risk of suffering from temporary amnesia.

If the story is true, it's further encouragement to eat your fruit and vegetables.