Scientists have created a sound so loud it can rupture your heart and boil water

News 08/06/2019

A team of researchers have just created an underwater sound that instantly boils water, and has the potential to rupture your heart and lungs if heard outside an aquatic environment. Bloody hell.

The researchers directed small blasts of water at powerful X-rays that instantly vaporized the surrounding water, resulting in a shockwave. A train of shockwaves followed and once the threshold for how intense underwater sound can get was crossed, the water then formed small bubbles, which quickly decayed.

Its suggested that this indicates the upper limit of how loud a sound can possibly get under water before it breaks apart, essentially boiling on contact. 

The study was published in April in the Physical Review Fluids journal, and states that the sound pressure exceeded 270 decibels, which is louder than a rocket launch at takeoff. 

This level of sound pressure will not only destroy your eardrums if experienced directly, but could also rupture your heart and lungs. 

So yes, you can in fact rock too hard lads. Age old question answered.