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Study reveals that 33% of women have gone on a date just for free food

funny shit 27/06/2019

Guys - you ever taken a girl out but no matter how much you try impress her with your quick wit, dashing good looks or detailed knowledge in all aspects of provincial rugby - nothing seems to work? (or is that just us?)

She could be part of this group.

According to a new study reported by Insider, 33% of women have admitted that they have gone on a date with a bloke just to score a free feed - otherwise cutely termed "Foodie Calls".

That's one out of every three girls.

For a new first-of-its-kind study, published June 20 in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, researchers surveyed 698 single heterosexual women and found that between 22% and 33% of them had agreed to meet a date because of the meal they’d get out of it, not the potential relationship.

The researchers dubbed this trend a “foodie call” to play off the common slang phrase “booty call,” or meeting up with someone solely for the sex.

Well played ladies, well played. 

Think about it this way, lads. The reason you struck out that one time may not have been something you did at all (but let's face it, it most likely was). 

And look on the brightside - it means 2 out of 3 women are there for your chat!

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