Steamed bloke gets stuck on a fence, accepts fate and passes out in garden

funny shit 17/07/2019

One bloke from the UK has given a hangover a whole new meaning after he was caught hanging from a stranger's fence in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Craig Strathie, 26, was snapped dangling from a fence by his pants' zipper after somehow getting stuck while stumbling home. It's reported he out "my mum is going to kill me" as two passers-bys helped him untangle himself in the morning.

Strathie told The Scottish Sun he had no recollection of the night - until he took went on social media.

"I've got no idea of the logistics of how I ended up like that. I went on Facebook... then saw a few pictures. It's weird," he said.

I like a vodka or two but I've never ended up in a situation like this.

Strathie said he spent the night drinking at a friend's place before trying to walk home.

However, after being freed from the fece, it appears Strathie only made it two houses down before passing out in a much more comfortable position in another garden.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time Strathie's had the internet in stitches. He once went viral after describing a missing backpacker in Australia as being "built like a garden gnome".

"If you can't laugh at yourself there's no point," he said.

Strathie said he was perfectly fine following the incident - but his pant could not be saved.