Woman traumatised after portaloo blew over, trapping her inside

funny shit 04/08/2019

A Canadian woman has a pretty shitty day (pun intended) after the port-a-loo she was in blew over and trapped her inside.

Cecilia Mwalyoga was with her boyfriend, Stefan Schulze Kalthoff and their five-week-old daughter at the Wings Over Springbank Airshow in Calgary, Canada on Saturday.

The airshow was cancelled due to strong winds, and Mwalyoga decided to use the toilet before they left. She says she felt the toilet move, and then tip over entirely. 

"It was stinking like crazy. It was awful and I'm thinking 'all this dirty water on me, am I going to get [a] disease?'" she said.

She says she saw needles among the toilet paper and other waste. 

Kalthoff and his father managed to locate which toilet Mwalyoga was in and hoist it up enough for her to scramble free.

"There was five or six of them and they all tipped over... they didn't know which one I was in," said Mwalyoga.

After a two hour long shower, Mwalyoga says she is beginning to recover, but she says she still feels traumatised from her ordeal.

Yeah, no shit, we'd been pretty traumatised too to be fair. Careful on those worksites in this wind lads.