A fashion label is trying to sell bogan Ford hoodies, tees and pants for over $2000.. EACH

funny shit 08/08/2019

Bogan-wear is usually bare basic and relatively cheap - but that hasn't stopped a high fashion label trying to rip it off... in more than one way, too.

Italian company Versace's latest attempt at being trendy is also completely unoriginal and a complete and utter rip off - a bunch of plain hoodies, tees and a pair of pants with a few Ford logos.

Their headline piece is the hoodie below, which retails for $2,110.40, just a bit more than the $20 you'd pay at a Sunday market.

But wait, it gets worse. Versace are also trying to hustle these horrendous pants below for the exact same money. If you're after the 'cheapest' piece in the range, the T-shirt is what you want, but that will still cost a casual $896. 

So how do they justify these stupidly high prices? Well, they don't really.

"Versace's collaboration with motor company Ford was inspired by 'the excitement of buying your first car,'" the corporate blurb reads.

Apparently "they utilise the signature Ford logo to reflect emotions of joy and thrill."

What a load of crap. But check your wardrobes, bogans, and see if you can sell your epic hoodies to these dreamers, you could be $2000 richer by the end of the day.