Bloke hospitalised after asking mate to shoot him with pellet gun 'to see how much it would hurt'

funny shit 20/08/2019

An Australian bloke has been hospitalised in Queenstown after he asked his mate to shoot him with a pellet gun "to see how much it would hurt".

The man was taken to Lakes District Hospital on Sunday, according to the Otago Daily Times. Police labelled the behaviour as "moronic". 

A police spokeswoman told Newshub they were called to the incident at 4:05pm on Sunday. Surgery would be required to remove one of the pellets from the man's skin, Sergeant Steve Watt told the ODT.

Meanwhile, Stuff reported that charges could be laid.

According to police, anyone may use an air gun if they hold a New Zealand Firearms licence, or if they are under the "immediate supervision" of a firearms licence holder or a person aged 18 or over.