Great news lads, mullets are back in fashion

funny shit 31/08/2019

We know noone who still has a mullet gives two shits about fashion, but you can at least get the misso off your back now. 

They never really left from NZ, especially for all you small towners. But good news all the same blokes: mullets are officially back in fashion.

Idalina Domingos, a 24-year-old hairdresser who works at a salon in London said she regularly cuts mullets for customers:

"I cut at least one or two a week. There are these modern mullets, people are coming round to the idea. It's a fun haircut to have and it's only going to get more popular."

Peckham based hairdresser Jackson Acton agreed, saying "You can't go wrong with a mullet. I've done a lot of them in the last year for both girls and guys."

So if you've never quite gotten over the 80s, you're in luck. And maybe you'll finally stop copping shit for your glorious mullet.