Punter used a metal nut as homemade sex toy to prolong fun time with gruesome results

funny shit 16/08/2019

This is... nuts.

A man who used a metal nut as a homemade sex toy landed himself in a bit of trouble, with a diamond cutter eventually being used to free his old fella.

According to Urology Case Reports the 34-year-old Hong Kong man took himself to the emergency department of a hospital in April last year with a metal nut on the base of his penis.

He had been trying to use the nut to prolong his erection before it got stuck and left him with painful swelling.

By the time doctors got around to examining him, he'd developed a fever and his old boy had filled with fluid.

Doctors administer painkillers and were unable to slide the nut off with numbing jelly, so they broke out the diamond cutters - but not before poking a bunch of holes in his foreskin to try and relieve pressure. 

The report says "the patient could not tolerate the pain and agreed to procedure under general anaesthesia."

After 90 minutes under, the nut was finally removed and old mate was discharged five days later with a bit of scarring.

Be safe out there when you're experimenting team!