WATCH: BMW tease new car that can drive itself while you get it on in the back seat

video 27/09/2019

BMW has pulled an advert that showed a couple getting it on in the back seat of a driverless car. Because the technology is that good, apparently...

The clip was uploaded to its BMWi-branded Twitter account earlier this week showing a couple kissing in a club, before the two get it on in the back of a car.  See the clip below.

Flashing red-and-blue lights of a passing police car interrupt the makeout-session, and it's revealed there's no one driving the car. Once the police car has passed, the couple resume snogging. The future is looking bright.

"New moments of joy," the slogan at the end of the short clip reads.

"This is certainly one of the first times any automaker has gotten so brash in advertising the freedom self-driving cars will bring," CNET journalist Sean Szymkowski wrote.

"BMW is strongly hinting that in-car sex will absolutely be a thing."

Who said  autonomous vehicles was a bad thing?