WATCH: Bloke floors it in his ute after missus catches the bouquet at a wedding

funny shit 26/09/2019

"Always the bridesmaid, never the bride...."

The wedding tradition of tossing the bouquet is a favourite among the ladies, but not so much for the blokes, as this video perfectly sums up.

This hilarious clip shows the moment Nathan Jordan saw his girlfriend, Haley Marie Skipworth, catch the flower arrangement at a wedding. Almost instantly, Jordan can be seen running for his ute, jumping over anything in his way, and flooring it out the carpark. See the video below.

Haley posted the video on Facebook saying:  "When my boyfriend, Nathan, saw that I did in fact catch it, he decided to make a run for it, jumping over every obstacle in his way and leaving nothing but dust as he sped down the road.

"Some say he ran out of there as fast as he could because he wasn't ready to tie the knot. Others say he ran to buy a ring.

"In reality, he did return right away. We have been dating for five years and plan to get married after college."

Unluggyy mate, looks like you're next.