WATCH: Auckland Asics store screens play porn for seven hours after alleged hack

funny shit 30/09/2019

If you were walking past an Auckland Asics store in the early hours of Sunday morning you might have received a bit of a shock.

After an alleged hack, the Shortland St store's promotional screens reportedly displayed porn from about 3am until 10am.

"People thought it was funny and for the younger generation it kind of is, you know," Jake Scott told Newshub.

"You go out for a good night and you go to leave the clubs and bang, you see that. I think it made people's nights."

Not everyone thought it was funny though, with Tanya Lee asking for an apology and an investigation after her seven-year-old son was subjected to the graphic material.

"I took a second look because I just couldn't believe what I was seeing," Lee told NZME.

"It's totally inappropriate and offensive, not something that you want kids exposed to and it's also embarrassing for Auckland as a tourist destination."

Asics later sent a statement apologising for the incident.

"Our Shortland Street store was subject to a cybersecurity breach," a spokesperson said.

"We're are currently investigating the situation and working to mitigate it happening again in the future. We sincerely apologise to those who saw the content."