A study has shown that males who smoke with their boss likely to get faster promotions

News 11/12/2019

We're not telling you to start smoking, but...

A report by the National Bureau of Economic Research has shown that blokes who go on smoko breaks with a male manager are promoted faster than those who do not share the habit with their boss.

The gist of it is - the more time you spend in close proximity with your boss, the more likely you are to climb the corporate ladder.

The synopsis of the report - which you can read in full here if you're willing to part with $5 #unlikely - explains:

Finally, we study a shock to socialization within males, based on the anecdotal evidence that employees who smoke tend to spend more time together.

We find that when male employees who smoke switch to male managers who smoke, they spend more of their breaks with their managers and are promoted faster in the following years.

Moreover, the effects of these smoking manager switches are similar in timing and magnitude to the effects of the gender manager switches.

That explains a few things around here.

The report is part of a broader study to explore the "alleged advantage that male employees have over their female counterparts in interacting with powerful men."

Other findings include men benefit from having a male boss, while women have about the same promotion rate regardless of their boss' gender.

Visit the National Bureau of Economic Research website to read more.

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