Kiwi bloke's brilliant petition to rename NZ's Fisheries Office to "Paua Rangers" was rejected

New Zealand 13/01/2020

This is New Zealand news at it's finest.

A kiwi bloke's epic petition attempt to rename NZ's Fisheries Office to "Paua Rangers" has been shot down by Parliament.


From Mark Quinlivan of Newshub:

Parliament has rejected a bizarre request by someone to have New Zealand's Fisheries Office renamed as the "Paua Rangers".

A screenshot of an email posted to Reddit from the office of the House of Representatives says a request for the petition to be posted to parliament's website was made on December 19.

Source: Imgur

"The Speaker has ruled that this is a frivolous request and therefore will not be hosted on the Parliament website," the email says.

But Reddit commenters are vowing to continue to push their case.

"Next try: Kina Knights, snapper sheriffs, whitebait warriors, [and] gurnard guards," one said.

"Let us know what you have submitted," another wrote. "I'll submit the same. Get a ground swell going."

Parliament currently has 127 petitions listed on its website. Those accepted and currently open for signatures include a petition to "give animals a bill of rights", and a petition to make all credit and debit cards have photo IDs.

Petitions can be created by anyone and must be signed by at least one person, Parliament says.

"Each petition submitted to Parliament is checked by the Office of the Clerk to make sure it follows the rules."

A petition can only be presented to the House once it has closed for signatures and an MP agrees to present it.