WATCH: UK lad calmly eats meal as chaotic brawl breaks out in kebab shop

funny shit 14/01/2020

Of course there's a fight in a kebab shop.

As reported by Sae Strang of Newshub:

A British man who let nothing stop him from finishing his chips has become an internet sensation. 

Chris Hill, a 52-year-old facilities manager, was enjoying a meal at Ken's Kebabs, in Portsmouth, England, when a group of young men entered the kebab shop and started a brawl. 

In the video posted to Twitter, a young man in a grey shirt runs into the shop and starts hurling abuse at an employee behind the counter. 

The employees run out from behind the counter with his co-worker and the man runs and punches him.

The man's co-worker retaliates by hitting the youth on the head. 

Meanwhile, Hill, dressed in a black coat calmly eats his meal with his headphones on and watches as more men join the fight. 

Hill's reaction has made him an immediate internet sensation with the video gaining more than 10 million views. 

One person reposted the picture with the caption, "Dude just kept eating".

Another said, "Fella's been looking forward to that kebab all day, and nothings gonna ruin it for him".

Others have created memes of the situation.

According to the MailOnline, Hill had just been to the pub and had gone to the kebab shop to eat his dinner. 

"I thought about moving at one point, but I was enjoying my kebab and chips... although the chips weren't very nice," Hill told the MailOnline.