KFC Crocs are coming soon, with chicken scented drumsticks

Rock News 18/02/2020

This is the shoe KFC lovers didn't know they needed.

The footwear company Crocs has teamed up with KFC to bring you these well, interesting looking kicks. 

Crocs have dubbed this an "iconic collab". Their website states:

Covered in a fried chicken print and a striped base, these will make your dreams of wearing a bucket of chicken finally come true.

And to make the shoe even more appealing to chicken lovers, the shoes come with removable chicken drumsitck charms that smell like KFC chicken. 

The shoe was first modelled by me Love Me A Lot at New York Fashion week, and KFC announced on their twitter shortly after that the shoes will be coming in a couple months. 

Have a look below at the official launch video. And you can have a look at the official website here