Study finds blokes with beards are more attractive to women

News 29/01/2020

A new study may just prove that men like Dunc and Mike are more attractive to women than the likes of Rog and Mulls.

The University of Queensland and the University of Stirling have recently published a study using 919 women between 18 and 70 years old. Each woman was given three male faces and rated their attractiveness for potential long term or short term relationships. 

Each face was shown with both a beard and beardless, as well as five different levels of masculine features.

The results found that the more hair the man had on his face, the more attractive he was found. Apparently this is due to bearded men being percieved as having greater physical and dominance.

So based off this study, Jay, Rog and Mulls are ugly, Dunc and Mike are sexy, and Bryce is kind of on his way.