Tyson Fury has been "eating p*ssy" to prepare for Deontay Wilder rematch

funny shit 17/02/2020

Earlier in the year, Tyson Fury said he's preparing for his heavyweight rematch against Deontay Wilder by masturbating 7 times a day. And now, oral sex also appears to be apart of his training regime. 

When Fury was asked if he's doing anything to strengthen his jaw, he replied

Yes, I have got confidence in my chin but I’ve been doing a lot of pussy licking to strengthen my jaw up. So yeah, I’ve been strengthening the old jaw up as well.

What a hard life he lives. 

The long awaited rematch between Fury and Wilder will be happening on 22nd of February in Las Vegas, where Fury is hoping for a "defining win", unlike back in 2018 when they controversially drew.

I believe I out-boxed him. But, to guarantee a win, I will need a knockout. I don’t want another controversial decision. I want a defining win. I’m not a judge and these guys see what they see. But my own destiny lies with my own two fists.

Guess we'll see in about a week if all of his "prep" has come in handy.