WATCH: Aussie bloke told TV crew he's gonna "punch some cones" during isolation

funny shit 17/03/2020

14 days of isolation ain't an issue for some outside-the-box thinkers.

This Aussie traveller, who was roped into doing a TV cross, was asked what his thoughts were on the 14-day isolation period that is being enforced for anyone entering the country - and he didn't pull any punches with his reply.

Just gonna lock myself in and punch some cones for a few days

Even better, he followed it up with a mad cackling laugh.  

This is the hero the world needs right now.

His mate, who could see him becoming a viral meme instantly, tried to pull him away telling him "it'll become viral and we'll have to stay inside".

That didn't phase him. "We'll have to stay inside anyway" he chuckled back.

Good on ya mate. Enjoy your 14 days.

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