Couple forced to take down 'Honk if you hate that b*tch Carole Baskin' sign

funny shit 09/04/2020

We know there's lots of people out there who are obsessed with Netflix's recent series 'Tiger King', but we didn't realise how committed some of these fans really are. 

Jazmin Page and her husband Liam decided they'd make a 'Honk if you hate that bitch Carole Baskin' sign and put it up outside their house, to "put a smile on people's faces". 

If you haven't seen the show - to get you up to speed, Carole Baskin is the enemy of Joe Exotic, the main focus of the docu-series. He likes to keep tigers in cages at his zoo, while Carole is an animal rights activist... and a lot of people reckon she killed her husband. There's a lot more to it than that, but anyway. 

Over the next couple days after the sign was put up, the couple said they heard about 100 cars beep as they passed, with one person even slowing down to shout out her support. 

The fun ended when the cops arrived at the couple's home after recieving complaints. The officer also pointed out that it was a public offence to put abusive or threatening signs on display. 

"We still get people beeping though. We've had two today and we had four or five yesterday, even though we've taken the sign down."