One in 10 people who use their phone while on the toilet end up masturbating, study finds

funny shit 08/04/2020

Toilet habits - something not often talked about, but something everyone has.

QS Supplies conducted a "Tweeting on the Toilet" study, where they got over 1000 people from America and Britian to share how they spend time on the loo.

The study begins by saying how normal pooing is. It says females will pass around 11.757 kgs and males will pass around 11,030 kgs of faecal matter in their life times. Now that's a fact you didn't wake up thinking you'd learn. 

Now for the results. 

None of the above results actually seem too shocking. But then you get into the nitty gritty, and some questionable habits emerge. Those are the stats you're here for aren't they ya dirty dog.

24% admitted to responding to emails on the loo (looking at you Mulls), 7% admitted to sending a picture of their poo to someone, and 5% sent a nude while on the loo.

Eleven per cent of people confessed to masturbating whilst pooping, and 8% opening a dating app whilst sitting on the loo were matched with someone.

Aand there it is, the grubby stats finally came out. But to be honest, who are we to judge? That's your business!

Read the whole study here.