5 year old boy steals his mum's car after she refused to buy him a Lamborghini

funny shit 06/05/2020

A 5 year old boy in Utah was so upset that his mum wouldn't buy him a Lamborghini, that he stole her car in attempt to go buy himself one.

The young kid, named Adrian, was being babysat at home by his older sister. When she fell asleep, he saw the perfect window of opportunity to take his parent's keys and car, to set off to California.

With three dollars in his wallet, he planned to buy his dream car when he got there. Unfortunately for him though, he didn't make it that far.

Adrian was swerving so badly down the highway that the cops pulled him over, thinking that the driver needed medical attention. But much to Trooper Rick Morgan's surpise, it was just five year old Adrian sitting at the wheel, sitting at the very edge of his seat to reach the brake pedal.

Adrian's family were contacted and obviously shocked. They were baffled at how he got the keys to the car, let alone actually drove it 3km down the highway. They said that this is a good reminder to keep keys out of the reach of children.

That is one frightening yet impressive kid. Watch the dashcam footage of the ordeal above.