Australian teen heartbroken after being refused entry to pub for rocking a Mullet

funny shit 24/06/2020

A teenage lad excited to celebrate his 18th birthday with his mates has been kicked out of bar because of his mullet.

Cooper Allin, from Perth, Australia, like most teenagers when they turn 18-years-old, was looking forward to having his first legal pint.

Yet it turned out to be the start of a shit evening for Cooper as he was told that the El Grotto, based in Scarborough, was a mullet-free zone. Despite it being his birthday, no exceptions were made for our birthday boy! 

Cooper had been out with his mum and wanted to keep the celebrations going on by hanging out in another pub with his mates.

Talking to 7News , the devastated birthday boy said: "I had one drink with my mother and then a couple of friends and I decided to head over to El Grotto.

The bouncer said, 'No mullets allowed.' I was more concerned about my pluggers [thongs/flip flops] but he wasn't too fussed about that."

Cooper said the incident put a big dampener on the night, adding: "I reckon it's a bit silly. I mean, it's a mullet, heaps of people have mullets. To have one beer and get told, 'No, you can't come in because of your hair' was a bit devastating.

I wasn't there to have a haircut, I was there to sink frothies.

In Western Australia, it's perfectly legal for venues to have a dress code, meaning Cooper's cries will sadly go unheard.