WATCH: Bloke sprints from house naked after he thought his niece was abducted in a van

funny shit 29/07/2020

Not all hero’s wear capes, sometimes they don’t wear anything at all, Like our mate Nathan who was in bed at home when he awoke to the sound of his sister Natalie, screaming that her daughter Lucy, 11, had been kidnapped, having heard banging and cries of ‘mam’ that sounded like her ‘to a tee’ as a van stopped nearby.

CCTV footage uploaded to facebook shows Nathan rushing out of the house bare ass to get into his dads car, falling over as he reached the door.

Embarrassingly Lucy strolled up to the front door probably unaware of WTF was happening.

After realising Lucy was safe he rushed back inside, followed by his niece who can be heard laughing: ‘he had his f**king willy out and everything’. Natalie said: ‘There must have been someone going past, having an argument, booting the van, then I heard ‘mam’ and I thought someone grabbed her into the back of the van.

You're a bloody legend Nathan!