Bloke swims into his sunken van to rescue his pack of ciggies

funny shit 22/07/2020

A British battler has risked his life to save a few of his precious ciggies over the weekend.

The bizarre incident was witnessed and photographed by members of the public as our shirtless mate dived into the sea to retrieve the treasure which was trapped inside his van after it had become submerged in the sea.

Apparently, it was thought the vehicle might be saved from the clutches of the deep, with a tractor attempting to pull it back to land, but rescue attempts were eventually aborted as the water rose too high.

A witness to the incident, Keighly Finnegan told the Evening Gazette: "The van came on the beach and it had the trailer and speedboat on the back and he kind of did a big U-turn down the other end and went back.

And then as soon as the engine cut off all of a sudden you could see there was something going on because he was just gesturing and troubled faces and all that kind of stuff.

The bloke at the center of the story declined to comment on the incident but It's understood the van will be recovered once the tide goes out.